“World Threshing Record Raises $22,000 for Breast Cancer”

Horseless Carriage Museum was so very proud to be part of this world record setting threshing match, and even more inspired after receiving this update through the “Vintage Times”.image

Update in the Vintage Times by Lynn MacNab

Update in the Vintage Times by Lynn MacNab

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“All Around The Town” to rebroadcast visit to Horseless Carriage Museum

Horseless Carriage Museum and
TVCOGECO Peterborough

Marcus Ferguson, producer of “All Around the Town” with Mike Sloboda has emailed to tell us that the debut feature of the fall show with Richard and the Horseless Carriage will be repeated:
Tues., Sept. 29th at 6 PM
Wed., Sept. 30th at 1:30 PM
Thurs., Oct. 1st at 12:30 PM
Sun., Oct. 4th at 11:30 AM and
Mon., Oct.5th at 12:30 PM
Subscribers to TVCOGECO will be able to view these repeat programmes

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Horseless Carriage debuts on TVCOGECO!

Filming an episode of "Around the Town" for TVCOGECO

Filming an episode of “All Around the Town” for TVCOGECO

Back in July the film crew from COGECO was here filming an episode for their Cable Series ” All Around the Town” with Mike Sloboda and Marcus Ferguson. What a fun experience!

image image image image

“Our” episode will air September 15 at 6pm on TVCOGECO.

The following is a letter from the producers giving further information:

Hi Richard
Thanks again for the tour over the summer.
The episode we shot with you will debut on TVCogeco Sept. 15 at 6pm.

I know you guys can’t see it where you live but you can pass it on to those you may know in Lindsay. It will repeat broadcasting that week as follows Wed at 1:30pm, Thursday at 12:30pm, Sun 11:30am, and the following Monday at 12:30pm.

It will be seen in Lindsay, Peterborough. Down the road(early 2016) it will be available on our Video on Demand service, meaning anyone with Cogeco in Ontario can access and watch the program.

I hope this helps to drum up some interest and make lots of people aware of your museum. Michael * I really enjoyed our tour.

It won’t be for awhile but I will send you a copy via email for your personal use TVCogeco’s content is not available online. (please don’t post it online).

There is a promo on our Facebook page feel free to share on your website https://www.facebook.com/TVCPTBO

Thanks again,
Marcus Ferguson, TVCogeco


check out the video at https://www.facebook.com/TVCPTBO under videos for “All Around the Town”.




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Horseless Carriage Museum Participates in Guinness World Record!

On August 15, 2015, Richard, Steve And Josh Wilson headed to St. Albert ON (on the Quebec border) to participate in a World Record Breaking Threshing Bee held at the St.  Albert Curd Festival.

Francois Latour  and other organizers promoted the event heavily in hopes of inviting enough threshing machines and teams to beat the previous record of 41 Threshers running simultaneously for 15 minutes, held by Saskatchewan.

All proceeds from the Record attempt were ear marked for Breast Cancer Research, a horrible disease from which Francois’ wife was suffering.

After a 5.5 hour drive, Richard Steve and Josh teamed up with Allan and Judy McLellan of Franktown and their beautifully restored 1916 Waterloo Steam Traction Engine.

There was a remarkable turnout and support from farmers, collectors, and enthusiasts from all over the Province of ON and PQ. Old threshing machines were uncovered and pulled out of storage, some of which hadn’t seen the light of day in 40 years! After dusting off the decades, and evicting the odd raccoon (!), they were inspected and then belted up to a large range of equipment. Many makes, models and years of antique tractors as well as Steam Traction engines were used to provide power to the threshing mills, even a horse on an antique treadmill!!!

It was one of the longest, hottest 15 minutes, however when the final signal blew, the old record has been absolutely SMASHED with a total of 111 threshers simultaneously operating for 15 minutes!

The excitement and  comradery was palpable and electric, not only for setting a new record but for the funds raised for Breast Cancer Research.

Sadly it was bitter sweet as Francois’ wife succumb to her cancer the following day.

However, the Horseless Carriage Museum was so very proud to participate in, and help set this unprecedented Guinness World record as well as raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Research!

Enjoy the following snap shots and this video! For more photos and video, visit our Facebook page:



Guinness World Record

Threshers lined up ready to break the record!


world record threshing 2015

Allan & Judy’s 1916 Waterloo Steam Traction Engine belted up to their threshing mill.

horseless carriage museum set world record

Steve adjusting the belt on the fly wheel of the steam engine.

guinness world record threshing bee 2015

The straw and chaff are flying!

horseless carraige museum fenelon falls

From l-r, Josh Wilson, Richard Bennett, Allan & Judy McLellan and Steve Bennett





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Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machines

I just love this early advertisement for Wheeler & Wilson treadle sewing machine Model 8 manufactured in the early 1870’s.

Delivery of a Wheeler & Wilson No.8  Treadle Sewing Macine

Delivery of a Wheeler & Wilson No.8 Treadle Sewing Macine


Imagine the excitement when it was ordered for a household and the time it would save women of the time!

Most were bought on credit, or through partial trade, taking several years to repay. However, the joy when the machine arrived was infectious!

Horseless Carriage Museum has an earlier Model 1 Wheeler & Wilson circa 1866 on display. It features the revolutionary rotary hook mechanism, glass foot and curved needle and sews left to right , instead of front to back.

Want to learn more about this fascinating company that changed the sewing industry’s  landscape? Visit Alex  Askaroff’s informative website at www.sewalot.com

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Gearing up for 2015

We are all looking forward to the end of this long cold winter, so we are turning our thoughts to May and the start of a new season at Horseless Carriage Museum!

The new ads are up and running on the local cable station, and calls are already coming in for tours!

Come on spring!




Fenelon falls bobcaygeon museum

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Motoring Across Generations!

Does this car look familiar? It is our 1907 Reo before Dad bought her and brought her home to the Museum.

Antique REO touring car

The Grey Familiy in the 1907 REO Touring Car

This picture was sent by Serena Edmunds, great granddaughter of George Grey Senior, the original owner who walked from Bury Quebec to Nashua New Hampshire to buy it new in 1907. The REO touring car was also the first car down the main Street of Sherbrooke Quebec!

Seated in the car are her uncle George Grey Jr., from whom we purchased the car,  and his brothers and sister.

Seated left to right front
George Grey Jr. and Allen Grey (deceased)
Seated left to right back
Melvin Grey (deceased) and Dorothy (Grey) Hodge


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Working on “Bing” Toy Steam Engine

The boys have fun helping Poppa restore the German Made “Bing” toy steam engines, circa 1905-1910.


German Toy Steam Engine

The boys helping Poppa

A short video that shows the engine running!


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Kawartha Antique Power & Steam Show

“Talking Cars”

Steam show Kawartha lakes

Horseless Carriage Museum set up at Kawartha Antique Power & SteamShow

On June 21 & 22 we set up at the Kawartha Antique Power Show (Steam Show) in Lindsay. The 1899 Stanley  Steam Car and the Penny Farthing attracted a lot of attention from young and old!

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York Region HOG visits Horseless Carriage Museum

Antique Cadillac and Harley club

Posing with the 1905 Cadillac

On Thurs. May 8th 2014, the York Region HOG (Harley Owners Group) stopped by on their Hooky Ride to Fenelon Falls which was organized by Mark Robinson.

There were 17 Bikes and 18 riders. Very one had a wonderful, and educational time exploring the museum before leaving for dinner at Just for the Halibut, in Bobcaygeon.

Antique motorcycle Harley Davidson

A collection of patches!
HOG at Horseless Carriage

The York Region HOG lined up in front of Horseless Carriage Museum


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