Horseless Carriage Museum Acquires Rare Bicycle

I had previously written about how this rare Penny Farthing found it’s way home to our Museum between Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon. However, now that there is video footage of Richard and Steve at the actual auction where they acquired the bike, I thought I would elaborate on the story’s details a little further!

On December 27th Richard (my father in law) and Steve (my hubby) left early in the morning to drive 3 hours through a snow storm in order to get to the auction in Milton, Ontario.
They arrived at Doherty’s Auctions and viewed the bike. In all their years of “antique-ing” this was only the second Penny Farthing Bicycle that Dad and Steve had ever seen in Ontario.
They were informed by the auction staff that there was a great deal of interest in the bike as was seen by the large number of bidders registered from across Canada and the U.S. including a number of absentee bids!
Undeterred, they put on their game faces and waited for the bike to come up for bid.
As can be seen in the video, the bidding was “fast and furious”. However, when Dad thinks that something is important enough for the museum, he doesn’t give up!
They had the winning bid and were congratulated by exuberant applause from the audience.
At the end of the video, as the camera pans right, you can see our two REAL “Canadian Pickers”. Both Dad and Steve are still wearing their serious game faces, Dad with the cap and grey beard, and Steve with the glasses. Don’t let their faces fool you, they were quite happy with the purchase, but were probably worried about the drive home!!
The drive home proved to be worthy of their worry! Wet driving snow and slick roads the whole way!
The rest of the household were very happy to see them home safe!!
We all rushed over from our shovelling of the driveway to see the treasure they had brought home.
This is just another example of the crazy things this family does to save important parts of history!!

We would like to extend heart felt thanks to Patrick Doherty and his staff of Dohery Auctions. They were very gracious and accommodating!

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