Horseless Carriage “The Way We Were” Feature

penny farthing high wheeler bicycle horseless carriage museum fenelon falls

Studio Photo of a Man with a Penny Farthing Bicycle


We are always searching for photos that reflect how the pieces in the Horseless Carriage Musem were used in “everyday life”. We have come across some pretty spectacular ones and decided to share them in a weekly post called “The Way We Were”.

This Photo is of a Gentleman posing with a Penny Farthing High Wheeler Bicycle in a professional Photographers Studio. At that time the purchase price of such a bike was equivalent to that of an average man’s yearly income! Thus, they were generally owned by the upper crust of society. Therefore, some people greatly enjoyed having their pictures taken with their prized possesions to show off their status. However, in some cases it was the Photographic Studio who purchased the bike as a prop, for those who wanted a picture that gave them a more affluent air! Whatever the reason, these bicycles were highly prized and we are greatful to have one in our collection here at the Horseless Carraige Museum.

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