“The Way We Were” Weekly Post- 1907 REO Car

We are very proud to be ONLY the second family to own this magnificent 1907 REO model A touring car.

1907 REO model A touring car at bobcaygeon museum attraction

Our 1907 REO model A touring car, 105 years young!

It was originally purchased new by George Grey Senior in 1907. Mr. Grey lived in Burry Quebec, and when he had saved enough money to purchase a car, he WALKED from his home in Burry to Nashua New Hampshire to buy it.  He had a brief “driving lesson” at the dealership, and then he was on his way.

At that time automobiles were a rarity in rual areas, and Mr.Grey’s REO was the first car down the main street of Sherbrooke Quebec. It was reported and retold by family members that many people gasped and ran at the unusual sight of such a “monstrosity”.

Below are some pictures of other 1907, model A touring REOs from the era.

1907 REO bobcaygeon museum kawartha lakes attraction

Roosevelt in a 1907 REO

1907 REO at Bobcaygeon museum attraction

Nice day for a drive!


1907 REO at Bobcaygeon museum attraction

1907 REO sporting the "optional" convertable top.


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