Horseless Carriage at an Air Show!

Time flies! Literally! And, it becomes very obvious when you start flipping through the old family albums.

Recently mom “rediscovered” one of her favourite pictures of dad, taken about 18 years ago when they attended the Bracebridge Air show.

They were invited to the Heritage Show held at the airport and they brought the 1905 Cadillac and the 1899 Stanley Steam Car. The pilots asked for a ride out to their planes. Dad took all four pilots out in the Cadillac and was pursued by the military police who were called from the tower. Apparently a open combustible engine is a no-no on the tarmac and I think they were a little particular about the security of their jets. Dad had the dubious honour of being excorted off the tarmac but not before Steve got a couple dandy pictures with the F-18 fighter jet. (Wish we were able to get a picture of the Cadillac with all four jets.)

Ahhhh, the memories!

Kawartha lakes air show attraction

The 1905 Cadillac with an F-18 Fighter Jet

1905 Cadillac at air show

Another quick shot before being "escorted" of the Tarmac !

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