New Exhibits for 2014!! Antique Toy Steam Engines

The Museum is very excited about the addition of some rare, German toy steam engines for 2014!

They are intricate, highly detailed and fully functional works of German craftsmanship.┬áIt’s hard to believe they are a child’s toy!

Such toys would have familiarized children with the concepts and principle of steam power, skills that would have potentially proved useful in a increasingly industrialized world.

toy steam engine Bing

Another Bing German made toy steam engine, 1905-1910

Antique steam engine Bing German

A Bing Toy Steam Engine dated between 1905-1910

Bing steam engines, german toys

1905 Doll German made toy Steam Engine

They are quite rare due it part to the fact that were toys, and production being interrupted by two world wars

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