Horseless Carriage debuts on TVCOGECO!

Filming an episode of "Around the Town" for TVCOGECO

Filming an episode of “All Around the Town” for TVCOGECO

Back in July the film crew from COGECO was here filming an episode for their Cable Series ” All Around the Town” with Mike Sloboda and Marcus Ferguson. What a fun experience!

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“Our” episode will air September 15 at 6pm on TVCOGECO.

The following is a letter from the producers giving further information:

Hi Richard
Thanks again for the tour over the summer.
The episode we shot with you will debut on TVCogeco Sept. 15 at 6pm.

I know you guys can’t see it where you live but you can pass it on to those you may know in Lindsay. It will repeat broadcasting that week as follows Wed at 1:30pm, Thursday at 12:30pm, Sun 11:30am, and the following Monday at 12:30pm.

It will be seen in Lindsay, Peterborough. Down the road(early 2016) it will be available on our Video on Demand service, meaning anyone with Cogeco in Ontario can access and watch the program.

I hope this helps to drum up some interest and make lots of people aware of your museum. Michael * I really enjoyed our tour.

It won’t be for awhile but I will send you a copy via email for your personal use TVCogeco’s content is not available online. (please don’t post it online).

There is a promo on our Facebook page feel free to share on your website

Thanks again,
Marcus Ferguson, TVCogeco


check out the video at under videos for “All Around the Town”.




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